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advertising text The term web site advertising has two basic interpretations — (1) publicizing your web site's existence and (2) displaying advertisements on your web site.
  1. Publicizing your web site's existence involves submitting its URL to search engines so that they can automatically "spider" its content, submitting it for consideration by other web sites and directories, sending press releases to online and traditional news organizations, and developing a multi-faceted online advertising campaign to reach Internet users directly.  Banner ads, affiliate schemes, and contextual "pay per click" advertising campaigns are among the online advertising techniques employed by web site owners.
  2. Displaying graphic or textual advertisements on your site can be done using a variety of fee models including monthly, cost per impression, cost per click, or cost-per-action (typically via an affiliate program).

Sites operated by "brick and mortar" retailers and manufacturers usually focus on the first interpretation.  Sites operated by information publishers, news aggregators, and bloggers generally focus on the second interpretation.  Many web site owners reciprocate links with other websites, especially those that offer related information content.  In this manner, both web sites can benefit from additional exposure and visitor traffic.

banner ad During the early years of the World Wide Web, online advertisers often placed banner ads on publisher websites.  Standard banner ads were sized at 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, so they could be easily placed on a variety of websites.  Unfortunately, the products and services being touted on the banner ads usually differed from the topics of the pages on which they appeared, so users rarely clicked on these ads.

More recently, web site publishers and advertisers have adopted contextual advertising methods, enabling ads to automatically be placed on web pages with related subject matter.  Users are more likely to notice (and click on) these targeted advertising messages, which are relevant to the topic, product, or service they are researching at the moment.

Here on WebSiteAdvertising.us, we highlight a number of popular resources both for advertising your web site and for advertising on your web site.

Web Site Advertising Services and Tools

  • Google AdSense
    Convenient way for web site publishers to display relevant, unobtrusive Google ads on their website's content pages.
  • Google AdWords
    Connect with new customers at the moment when they are looking for your products or services with these targeted ads.
  • Microsoft Bing Ads
    Advertise on Bing and partner sites.  Generate clicks, leads, and sales to help grow your business.  Pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Yahoo! Advertising
    Use sponsored search ads to connect with customers searching for what you sell.  Sponsored Search prominently displays your business in search results on leading sites like Yahoo.  You may also opt to display your listings alongside relevant articles and product reviews.
  • Pay Per Click Tools
    Introduction to pay-per-click web site advertising, search engines, and tools.
  • Web Site Tools - SubmitWizard
    Submit your web site to over 200 of the Internet's premier search engines and directories.
  • SEO Image
    This full service search engine marketing company offers search engine optimization and link popularity analysis services as well as website design and marketing services.
  • Zeducorp
    This consulting firm offers professional web development and web site marketing services.

Advertising Resources

  • Chosen Sites Directories
    These USA-focused vertical market directories feature a wide selection of web site advertising opportunities through reputable online advertising media.
  • Search Engine Watch
    This well-regarded search engine technology and review site offers a wealth of resources for online advertisers.  Visitors can find information about search engine advertising, web site optimization, and web directories.

Internet Advertising Resources

  • Internet Advertising Directory
    This Internet advertising solutions directory lists Internet advertising product and service providers throughout the USA.

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